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Full Breakfasts are included with your stay!* Dinner is available as an add-on and 1 complimentary dinner is included with stays 3 nights or more. Come explore some of our amazing food below!  Hacienda Linda will include your preferences for each meal, including dietary requirements like gluten-free, low sodium, Etc...

Dinner Tacos

It is ALWAYS TACO  time at the Hacienda Linda!
Whether it’s jalapeño shrimp, chicken adobo, or fish, it’s just so tasty!!
Yeah, we like tacos too!

Dining and Tapas

Dining at the Hacienda Linda is not only fun, but oh so tasty!
Whether it’s Linda’s mole chicken, baked salmon, pasta…. It’s delicious.
We believe, good food and conversation is essential to the experience of your stay.
Let’s eat!


Indulge yourself , and awaken with our delightful Hacienda Linda style breakfast enchiladas and rosemary garlic potatoes. Hmmm… maybe it’ll be verde sauce, or rojo?
You know you want to! Devour one of Dan’s customized omelets. Prepared just the way you like it!! Fully loaded, or not. Maybe you’re not into a huge breakfast, but want something light and tasty. We can do that! Fresh berries , melon and citrus is the way to go... Or for the sweet tooth, try Dan’s creation.. Hacienda Linda style crepes or french toast. 
They’re soooo delicious!

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